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Bus Stop Dude

By Avin Baird

This is an actual painting done using Photo Shop and Paint of a guy that used to be in the bus stop out side my apartment every day at daybreak. The upside of the story is that he eventually got sober.

Every day first thing in the morning I would make coffee and sit at my computer and look out at the bus stop where John was ... in the exact same position. I decided to start a painting that took a really long time to accomplish. It seemed unfair to me that I was getting this really nice painting and he was getting nothing so I would give him spare change on my way to work every day. I would've given him more but someone would've just taken it from him.

To my horror one Sunday I looked out to see John drinking rubbing alcohol and called the EMTs. Days passed. Weeks passed. No more John. Then one day I was at a meeting for ex-problem drinkers and way back in the corner right by the door (I think it was just in case he felt like he needed to escape) was bus stop dude. Every day I would come in and shake his hand. Every day he looked just a little bit happier. When I moved to Boston John was still there. The whole thing was just kind of magical. I never told him.